Sunday, 2 July 2017

Red Bay and the Trans-Labrador HWY (Saturday, 17 July)

Slow going this morning.  We finally get ourselves moving and head over to Home Hardware to pick up a few things.  James always stands in the screen door and we always have to be on high alert as he could go through it.  We are looking to rig something up so we can let him play in the trailer without stressing when the door is open.  Also pick up a level and a new micros SD card as the go Pro eats up memory.  Pick up our laundry, pin the trailer and on our way to Red Bay.  WOW!!! The Trans-Labrador HWY! We considered coming home via Labrador but were not sure of the roads especially that a good portion is on gravel.  Well, the road to Red Bay is paved but it is worst than Quebec highways...didn't think it could get worst than Montreal but it does.  So it's a slow ride to Red Bay.  Once we arrive in Red Bay we park next to the airstream couple we had met before boarding the Ferry.  Red Bay was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It brings you back to the 16th Century when Basque Whalers lived and worked.  For some 70 years, Basque whalers made the dangerous journey across the Atlantic to hunt whales and produce the oil that lit the lamps of Europe.  We went to visit the interpretation center and saw an old Chalupa (whaling boat) and watched a movie on the discovery of the site.  We then took a boat ride over (with Bones) to Saddle Island. There we took a walk around the island and checked out the believed to be sunkan San Juan from 1565.  On the way back, the skip let Gaby drive the boat!  She loved it!  We found another set of Canada 150 Adirondack chairs for a great photo op!
Canada 150 - Red Bay 
Inside the centre, we asked if we should make the treck to Mary's Harbour to go visit Battle Harbour.  The Parks Canada lady we spoke to made some calls to find out if we could get across to Battle Harbour for the day only.  We had inquired and the cost was over 700$ for all of us to spend the night (reason being we had to have our own cottage because of Bones).  We really want to go over but are not sure that we can justify paying that much.  Turns out, there is a company that can take you across so we decide that we will drive out tonight.  Before leaving we meet this amazing older German couple.  They have their motorhome from back home and have been touring Canada.  They are super friendly and remind us of our dear friend, Kathie (& Dodoll).  We take the turn North onto the gravel road and cross our fingers that it will be worth it.  Turns out the gravel road is much nicer than the paved road in Labrador.  We found a great spot along the highway to pull over for the night.  We don't really understand but we have no water in our tank.  No big deal as we all showered this morning and we also have bottled water with us so we can 'rough it' (as much as you can rough it in a trailer!).  Justin sets up the BBQ to have a great view while he cooks!! The truck and trailer are SOOOOOO dirty!  Poor's tearing him apart.  Inside there is dust EVERYWHERE!!! Oh well, small price to pay for this beautiful drive we just took.  The scenery was well worth it.  Justin and Gab were laughing at me because I kept saying that the little rocks were going to come alive at any moment like in the movie Frozen.  In my opinion, it looked just like the movie!  Stunning!


  1. It's worse not worst and centre not center - just to prove I'm reading your stuff! Gaby will never want to walk that bike path again after these gorgeous hikes! I'm really going to have to up my game as far as story telling goes (hehe!) Bones is looking good - fit and young!

    1. Thank you for the grammar lesson Kim! :) Bones is loving his walks! I think you are going to have to up your game for him as well!