Monday, 10 July 2017

Dodge has no clue... (Friday, June 30th)

Another day for Justin spent at the garage. Justin talks with the mechanic from Ottawa.  He truly believes the pump is not the issue but what else can we do.  I'm praying that this new pump will be the answer to all our problems.  Long story short - Big fat NO. The mechanic is useless and has no idea what to do next.  At 430 they pretty much tell Justin that they don't know what else to do for him.  They called around to garages in the area for advice.  Are you kidding me...the dealership can't figure things out. Now they have a vehicle for us.  No, you would think after everything they could just lend us a car from their lot seeing as there are tons just sitting there.  Oh no - We have to pay to rent the vehicle! This place is such a joke that it is hard to grasp that this isn't a dream.  At any rate, we now have a vehicle and we will be able to go and do some sightseeing this weekend.  Once Justin gets here with the car, I just want to get in it and go!  We have no where to go but I have cabin fever and want to be anywhere but at the campsite.  We head out and grab some groceries.  The long weekend is here.  The goal is to forget our woes and get as much sightseeing done while we can.

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