Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Labrador here we come (Friday, 16 June)

Today we are taking the ferry to Labrador.  We are reserved on the 3:30 crossing.  We have to be there 1 hour in advance.  This morning we take our time and enjoy the beautiful spot by the river we found.  J'ai la chance de faire la paresse parce que Justin se lève avec les enfants.  On a la génératrice de mon oncle 'nornon' avec nous et Justin veut absolument s'en servir! So fire up the generator to make some yummy bacon, egg and toast for breakfast!  The ride to the ferry is good.  We spot 2 caribous.  I go to the ferry office and pay for our crossing (115$) and we go line up for the ferry.  We meet a nice couple from Idaho.  They have a gorgeous Airstream!  We are not good at this ferry thing.  We bring too much stuff with us, we have a hard time bringing the stroller up and it just never goes as planned!  We'll get the hang of it eventually!  Bones stayed in the truck this time and that was a great call.  He slept his way across.  The ferry is old but there is tons of space to roam around.  We settled in the cafeteria and shared a poutine (shredded mozzarella - yuck).  Me and Gab went and explored on the upper deck and looked at some icebergs (we are still not sick of them!). We get off the ferry in Blanc Sablon, which is actually in Quebec.  First stop is their tourist office. There are a few things we could do down the coast on the Quebec side.  We might fit that in after having gone North.  We decide to do a campsite for the night.  So we park at Northern Light RV park (pretty much another parking lot with a view of the ocean).  Get some groceries, do some laundry and time to relax.

Ferry to Labrador

Moose Count =  18   Whale Count = 2    Caribou count =  5

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