Sunday, 9 July 2017

Dealership - Stealership! (Wednesday, June 28th)

Please! today is the day we are set free and on our way.  The part is not expected before 11-noon, so I get up with the kiddos and Justin can sleep in.  Gab made some friends yesterday so she is having fun playing with them.  Justin heads into town, picks up the part and goes to the garage.  They are installing the actuator today - 500$ plus part.  He calls by 2:45 to tell me that it's bad news and that he is going to talk to the service manager and try to get some news.  At 4pm I am still impatiently waiting to see what is happening.  It started to rain at 3ish but Gab is playing with the girls in their trailer, and I am writing this as James just went down for a nap.  Really hope that we will know what is going on soon.  At any rate, we couldn't leave today because we have to wait for the other part that was sent to us at the garage that will arrive tomorrow morning.  We were hoping that we wouldn't need it but the way it stands now and the information that I's not looking pretty.  At this point, we just want the truck to be fixed.  The cost is no longer a factor.  We have no choice.  We both feel that the garage knows that we are at their mercy.  At least if they were being nice and considerate while they give it to us sideways.  Hopefully, they make things right today and Justin will give me good news when he returns. Bad News - Justin returns at 5.  He finally talked to the service manager explaining our frustration.  We just changed a 500$ part and it needs to be unplugged in order for the truck to start.  Now, they want us to change a 2600$ part without knowing for sure if that is the root of our problem.  There are tests that could be done but for some unknown reason they can't do it(pretty sure they don't know how).  She says that they will call the engineering department in Toronto tomorrow but not before 10 because of the time change.  That upsets Justin even more because they won't call now as it's 430 here and they close at 5 (you think they would have called already!)   He then mentions how he is stranded here with his family with no vehicle (enterprise doesn't have any vehicles available) and she finally suggests that they can rent him a vehicle.  He has asked for the the last two days if a vehicle was available and now they decide to mention that they can offer us a rental! Why wouldn't they lend us one after all this time is besides me but that's something else to add to their lack of customer service.  We understand that anyone would be upset in this situation because of the expense but what puts us over the top is that they really don't seem to care, are incompetent, and have no empathy at all.  And they want us to change a part without being certain that it will fix the problem.  But what are we to do....we are at their mercy!  A little facetime with Liane puts a smile on my face.  Gaby's report card is in! Gab has been anxiously awaiting it!  Liane reads us the LONG report card and we are all so proud of our baby big girl!!! We now have a first grader!!!

Justin picks up a DVD player at walmart and we watch a little 'Sex and the city!'.  I'm praying to uncle Moe so he can help us out! Let's hope he can work magic from up there!

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