Monday, 10 July 2017

Everyone is helping!! (Thursday, June 29th)

We get a call from the Dodge dealership from Cornwall this morning.  Justin had called them yesterday just to get a little guidance.  The mechanic says he would be really surprised if it was the main injector pump and offers all the help he can to Justin.  Very nice of them.  Justin heads to the dealership to drop off the truck and comes back on his pedal bike.  They are calling the engineering departement at 10 so Justin heads back at 11.  The verdict now is that they still think it is the Main injector pump and could also be the Injectors!!! OMG!!! Not good.  But no way to tell! The pump has not arrived from Cornwall yet.  It's on the truck for delivery.  Justin is debating what  to do...but we have no choice.  We have to take the gamble and get it fixed.  While he is waiting for the part to arrive he decides to go to another garage he spoke to the other day and see if they can help out in any way.  The garage is in Bishop's Falls about 10kms away.  The owner is super and tries his best to help Justin.  He works on the truck all afternoon and tries to make sure that the problem really is the pump.  Unfortunately, they work on big trucks and they are not able to connect their computer to our truck.  He is able to check some stuff the old school way and checks this one part that our trusty mechanic back home really wanted to confirm.  The man feels bad for charging Justin 20$ for the springs he changed and gives him a t-shirt.  Wow!!! Now this is the Newfoundland we had been told about.  Smithy's garage! You guys are the best!!!  You meet the nicest people here..that's why the treatment at the Dodge dealer is so hard to swallow.  I guess we have no choice but to go back to the dealership in the morning and pray that somehow they are right and that it is the main injection pump!  Anyhow, I did my best at entertaining the kids.  We went to the park!  James is a little 'Maniac' like Gabers.  He climbs up the stairs to the slide and is all over the playground!  Both kids have a great time!  Justin is back at 5 with food in hand because I can't bring myself to cook.  After supper we take a walk to the park to show Justin how James has so much fun on the slide.  Then Gaby convinces us to do the hike to the nice falls.  We talk with Jamie from the campsite after supper.

He has a connection for us.  He knows one of the best Dodge Diesel mechanics in Ottawa so he tells us to call him in the morning.  It is so heart warming to see how everyone back home is trying to help.  Justin is in a mood!  He is off to bed before Gab even is.  So I use the time to clean up and reconnect with my girls!  Sex and the City movie for me!!!  Mon oncle Adrien calls us.  He also tries to see if he can help but as much as everyone back home is trying to do their best, we have no solution in sight.  Now let's hope tomorrow is a great day!  Uncle Moe!! I'm still counting on you! xox

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