Saturday, 8 July 2017

Monday morning BLUES (Monday, June 26th)

This morning the truck is a no go.  None of the little tricks that have previously worked are doing the trick.  We call back the tow truck company.  I'm pretty upset that they charge us 58$ to tow us 4kms when I am certain they made a killing yesterday from the roadside assistance coming back empty.

 The dealership takes the truck right away so that is nice and a good sign.   Justin stays there all morning.  At around 11 he asks if they would have a courtesy car to lend us given the situation and they don't have one so they shuttle him back to the campsite.  Meanwhile me and the kids walked to the waterfront.  We hiked a trail that runs along the water.  It was very beautiful but it may have been too much for Gaby this time.  Actually, I think it's because of the heat.  It's very warm and we have to acclimatize I guess.   We spend a good part of the afternoon playing games.  On s'amuse à jouer 'Ou est Charlie? (Where's Waldo) et quelques parties d'Uno.  At 4:45 we have not heard anything so Justin calls the dealership and they come pick him up.  They would not have called if we didn't.  They tell Justin that they THINK he needs a 2600$ part - main injection pump.  To add to that, he can't even give him a labor estimate.  Justin tells him he surely can look it up on his computer but he won't turn it back on.  The report for the 7 hours of labor to diagnose at at Dodge dealership (important to mention!) doesn't even include any readings that would need to be verified to conclude that the part is needed!  Ok...breaking down sucks but you get the repairs done and you move on.  What we don't understand is the 'they THINK' we need that part.  If the dealership orders the part, it won't be in till sometime next week.   They make Justin pay the near 700$ bill and leave him out in the rain.  No ride back.  He walks back (he managed to pickup a few strongbow on the way)  We are pretty much at the dealership's mercy.... what are we to do.... the fastest they can get the pump in is next Monday.  Justin takes the truck to fill it with up with diesel and sees how it runs as they didn't even do that when our first guess is that there has been water in the fuel.  Yesterday the engine light came on with the water in fuel indicator.    No  changes, so he parks the truck at the dealership and walks back to the trailer as we don't want to pay for another tow.  Justin talks with Kevin, Pat and Anthony.  The part from dodge included both the actuator and the pump.  We decide to order a fuel control actuator from NAPA which will be here on Wednesday.  We also order the main injector pump from Kevin's garage and they will ship it purolator and we will get it on Thursday (2 days instead of the 10 days from the dealership oh and more than half the price - THANK YOU ACTIVE GREEN & ROSS!)  With everything up in the air we cross our fingers that things will look up.  To be honest, not much faith in the dealership after today's events.

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