Sunday, 2 July 2017

Black Skies, Black Flies, Black Dodge! (Tuesday, June 20th)

We are in a thick fog this morning.  I wanted to go to Port aux Choix to visit the area but the weather
is really not favorable so the unanimous decision is to pack up and try to get to Deer Lake.  If it's nice we want to stop in Gros Morne and do another hike.  Fuel up, Foodland and we are on our way.  The fog doesn't lift so we just keep driving instead of doing a hike. The kids are being champions in the car so we take advantage of it.  Quick stop after getting through Gros Morne and another fuel stop in Deer Lake.  We decide to keep going east on HWY 1.  We spoke to Will and our plan is to go visit his pop's village.  They have family friends there and we will stop in.  We said we would be there either tomorrow or the next day.  The driving is going well so we keep going and even head north towards Westport off HWY 1.  We pull off the road in what could be a good spot for the night but we decide to scope out a better spot and we know there is a campsite in Baie Verte if we don't find anything.  We reach the campsite so campsite it is.  They gave us a beautiful lot by the water.  It's seasonal lot but the campers will not be here before July 1st.  Boy! We are no longer in Western/Newfoundland.  They had the air conditioning going in the office and the lady told us it was 33 today! It will be hard for us to adjust seeing as we have been wearing our tuques for the last 3 weeks.  Justin does a beauty job backing in (she was only giving us the lot if Justin was a good driver).  BLACK FLIES everywhere! This is what they were talking about!  We are levelling the trailer and the truck stops all by itself.  Not good.  Justin tries to restart it.  It turns over but won't start.  I am super relieved that we stopped at a campsite because this would be even worst on the side of a nowhere HWY with no reception.  Call up Kevin and see what he thinks.  Not much else we can do for tonight so we have to wait till morning.  The good thing about today is that we got much further than anticipated so that is great! Now fingers crossed for tomorrow.  Oh Moose sighting today so we can add to our count!

Baby James taking his bath last night

Moose count = 19 caribou = 6 whales= 2 Black Bears =  2

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