Thursday, 12 April 2012

.75 trip acoss Canada!

This summer, we are lucky enough to leave on an extremely exciting trip!!  Justin is the one who put me up to it but I am just as excited as he is.  You see, we used to travel lots.  Yearly, we would head out on some adventure.  The last big adventure was our trip to Peru.  We've been south since, but All-inclusive vacationing doesn't fulfil our need to travel.  This summer, my parents are heading west to to Vancouver with their fifth wheel and then taking a cruise to Alaska.  My parents were sad at the thought of not seeing baby girl for over two months.  I thought it would be nice to fly out and meet up with them as I had never been to Vancouver (I like the idea of visiting our own country) and spend two weeks with them.  Justin on the other hand decided we should pack up the trailer and drive across the country!  He was able to score a whole 6 weeks off. (update - he now has over 7 weeks off!) I would never be able to get that much time off from work so this is an ideal way to spend one of the last few months of my maternity leave.

We have so much to do before the trip.  Renovate the income property, dry and finish the basement (more on that later), and the list goes on!! Our .75 (this is what we called the trip!) is our motivation!! Can't wait!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Demolition has begun!

We are wasting no time getting to work on our new property.

On Monday, March 5th, I attacked the wallpaper in the living room and Justin went to work taking down the cabinets in the kitchen.  My mother in law came to help out!   I don't think taking down the wallpaper is that bad of a job.  Justin on the other hand, thinks it's crazy tedious! I guess that's why we are a good match!  Tuesday, our day started a bit later than anticipated but I was able to forge ahead and Justin was able to take down one side of the kitchen wall.