Thursday, 27 December 2012

Day 24 - kelowna to vancouver

This morning we are up bright and early.  Before we leave for Surrey, we have to get our four tires changed on the trailer.  Justin researched and called around yesterday and Fountain Tire had the best service around so we planned to be there for 07:40 (ATA 0830). 

They had a really big bay where we can just pull in with the trailer still attached and they changed the tires right then and there as we waited.  Frustrating thing is that the dealer in Cornwall (Cornwall Tire) where we purchased the tires, told us that in order to see if we could get some sort of refund, we would have to the bring the bad ones back.  So now, we have to carry the four bad tires across the country! Grrrr.  550$ later, we are on the road (0930) and crossing our fingers that these tires tough the trip.  For this leg of the trip, we also debated going south towards Penticton and the Okanagan Valley.   We were told that that route was longer but that the hills were not as bad. If we would have been 'sans bébé', we would probably have taken that road but the less driving we can do for BB girl, the better.  So the 97c highway it is!  After filling up the truck we are off (the steep gas station entrance makes the rack at the back of the trailer drag on the ground but no harm done).  

Thank you Fountain Tire! Great service!

Out with the old in with the new.

This leg of the trip was by far the biggest hills we encountered yet.  As much as our truck caused us problems with the entire front end replacement  it did not fail us today!  It showed those hills who's boss.  We pulled off the highway in Hope for a small lunch break and continued to the campsite to meet up with the rest of our crew.  We didn't really know what to expect because after speaking with them yesterday, they are really not impressed with the campsite.   We arrive at Dogwood Campground in Surrey at around 1430.  Mel and Aunt Sindy decide to go get some shopping done.  Surprise is on us when we discover that the stores close at 1800! Say what?!!!!?? So the only store we were able to hit was The Bay but at least aunt sindy was able to buy the pillow cases she needed.  We head back to the campsite and relax for the night.

The highway run-offs!  You know you are in the mountains when....

On the side of the road where we stopped for lunch - Hope, B.C.