Sunday, 2 July 2017

The waiting game (Wednesday - Thursday, June 21-22)

First thing first.  Let's look at the truck and see what is going on.  It doesn't start.  Justin plays around with it and somehow gets it to start.  Greg, the owner of the campsite, deduce that we need a new lift pump.  Figure out the best way to get it.  Kevin's garage back home can get it for us but it would only arrive on Friday.  We order the part from NAPA and it should be here by 11ish Friday morning.  It is beautiful outside but I have spent the day inside with the kids.  The black flies are unbelievable.  Me and Gab brave it and walk to the beach to try and find the bouncy castle.  We found it but we just can't stay outside...the bugs will soon carry us alive!!  It's too bad that we can't enjoy the nice weather as it would make our waiting game more enjoyable.  At least we have some great MOOSE burgers for supper.  We have a theme song for the day! If you get a chance, look it up, or Gab will be able to sing it for you when we return - Lisa Leblanc 'Aujourd'hui, ma vie c'est d'la marde!'

Our lovely view (surprised we can see it through the MILLIONS of black flies)

Moose Burgers!

Bonne Fête Dad!!!  We walk to the front of the campsite to brave the outside and call dad for his bday.  The only spot you can get a smidge of reception is in front of the owners house.  We are being eaten alive trying to talk to Mami & Pépère on the phone.  Me and Gab bought dad a singing card but forgot to drop it off at their house before we left.  Mom was supposed to go pick it up and she hasn't yet so we will come back and call in a bit so that Gab can have a dance party with Pépère.  We bought Pépère a dancing card when we were in California with them and it is still a hit today so we thought it would be a good idea to get him another dancing/singing card.  Take advantage of being stranded to get the laundry done and I finish my book - 13 reasons (the Netflix hit - good book!) Our drawers in the kitchen broke when we drove in Labrador, so Justin fixes that along with puts a hook on our screen door to prevent James from falling out of the trailer!  Can't wait for the part to be here tomorrow!  We have still so much to see of the island!

Bonne Fête au meilleur papa et pépère au MONDE!

Nothing else to do but to fix all the <little problems<

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