Sunday, 2 July 2017

Freedom! Off to Westport! (Friday, June 23rd)

The part is supposed to be at NAPA for 11am.  I let Justin sleep in this morning and at 1045, Greg, comes over to the site.  Someone has already been in town and has the part for us.  Time for the boys to get to work.  A few hours later we are sooooo happy to hear the loud engine of our truck making its way back to our campsite.  Me and Gaby greet him with hauler and applause.  We pack up a diaper bag for James and head towards Westport.  I guess we aren't very smart because in the excitement we forget that we don't even have an address for Rob & Sherry.  They are Will and Liane's family friends that we are going to visit.  Oh well, small town, we will figure it out.  We drive all the way down to the wharf and the first person we ask tells us they live by the gas station.  We both remember seeing a closed down gas station at the beginning of town.  Head back that way but now which house is it? We stop at another house where two men are building a shed, they tell us just up the road.  Stop for another hint and this man nails it by telling us it's the house with the pink brick! Bingo!!  I knock at the door and I am greeted by Shania, their daughter.  I didn't know but they have 2 daughters.  It's weird because we have never met and only stopped in because we wanted to see where Will is from. Will and Liane usually come to this village every fall.  Pops passed away at Christmas last year.  We are terribly sad that we didn't get to meet him.  Everyone has great things to say about Pop.  We feel bad arriving at around supper time and tell them that we would like to go to the lighthouse if they can tell us how to get there.  They offer to walk there with us.  So Sherry and Shania join us and we leave their house to walk to the lighthouse.  You have to know it's there because you can't see it from the harbour.  Beautiful!!! I understand why Liane loves this spot so much.  We head back down towards the wharf and Rob is just getting off his boat!  We are lucky because he could have been on the boat till passed 11 but they got their quota for the day so they are back on shore.  Gab got to hold a lobster...not much from the sea she won't have touched!  Back at their house we plan on heading back to the campsite but they won't hear of it and have us over for a FEAST!!! Fresh Lobster and Crab from todays catch! And TONS of it!!! On top of that, Rob is gracious enough to do all the hard work and break the meat out of the shells for us!  James loves the crab legs, it keeps him busy while we feast.  Rob and Sherry thought we would be here for a few days.  With our truck problems, the plan was to leave tomorrow and be in Twillingate for Sunday night but we figure that maybe we can change our plans. We will call them tomorrow and let them know.  On our way home in the middle of nowhere again, the truck stalls.  Oh MY!!! Somehow, Justin gets her going and we make to the
campsite.  Hard to get a good night sleep after that!!!

Excited the truck is fixed!

Gab in front of Pop's house

Crab lovers!


Westport's lighthouse!!!  xox

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