Sunday, 2 July 2017

To the top of the LIGHTHOUSE! (Monday, 19 June)

We, or more like I, am slow this morning.  Our beautiful spot by the ocean is thick with fog and there's a little mist. We call the ferry to book and all we can get is tomorrow at 3:30.  They leave 25% occupancy for last minute walk ons.  We decide to book the 3:30 and at worst if we get on early tomorrow morning we loose 10$. We finally get our butts going and walk to the lighthouse.  Much simpler to walk there than to try and manoeuvre the trailer there just to come right back this way.  No doubt, Justin could do it but a little walk will do us all some good this morning.  The lighthouse is the tallest in the Atlantic (second tallest in Canada).  Gab has been really excited to be able to climb to the top of the lighthouse. Our tour guide is fantastic.  When we get there we decide to go up and let James in the foyer.  He is sleeping in his stroller and we know he will be out for some time.  I think the tour guide thought we were a bit weird but there is no way we could have done the climb with James.  The climb to the top is nice.  She gives us little trivia after each level.  A fun way to make the climb easy for the kids (just kidding - for us too!) The view up top is beautiful.  It's too bad that there is thick fog but kind of cool to see it rolling.  At some points we can see our trailer at a distance and then it rolls and we can spot an iceberg.  Downstairs, they have very nice displays and they have a station where Gaby makes a bracelet spelling out her name in Morse code.  Head back to our trailer.  The walk there and back is nice by the ocean.  In the early 1900's the Raleigh went aground and her pieces are still scattered along the coast.  Pretty cool.  We decide that we will head south towards Blanc Sablon and see if we can catch the 6pm ferry.  If not then we will go down into Quebec and
visit around there.  Stop at the grocery store to restock on 'double blueberry' ice cream Justin picked up the other day. He is in LOVE with it.  C'est de la crème glacée de Coaticook.  We drive down to the ferry and I pop into the ticket office. They are all business there and not the friendliest.  She gets all my info (size of unit, full name of all of us) and then charges my credit card.  So I ask "We made it on the ferry?"  Her answer is "You should be ok".  Another lady tells us to line up outside in lanes 1 & 2 with the trucks.  We are the first in line no2 so we don't really know how they would pull us off
if we didn't make it on.  We have a good 1.5hrs to waste in the truck waiting in line so we pull out UNO and have fun.  James sleeps for the most part of the waiting.  We are set to make this an easy ferry.  We only bring one extra bag and decide that we don't need James' stroller.  Super smooth.  We stop at the gift shop to grab a sticker and head up to the cafeteria.  Gaby met a little girl and they had fun for the length of the crossing.  The girl is travelling with her mom to St Anthony to go to the dentist!!! Small things we take for granted.  They live in Forteau and the one dentist is on holidays for 2 weeks and this is an emergency. We chit chatted with her mom.  She has 3 kids.  For her last 2 pregnancies, she had to spend 7 weeks in St Anthony's as she can't deliver in Labrador.  They also have to go to the island for a pediatrician.  We saw a couple get on the ferry with their BMW GS.  Justin's dream is to cross the country on his.  Maybe one day we can do that together.  As we are going down to the car deck we spoke to them.  They are from Georgia and have pretty much done all the states and most of Canada.  We decide on going back to Port aux Choix to the campsite by the ocean. Wind is blowing but at least there it's not the crazy rain/hail we encountered last time we setup there.

Point Amour Lighthouse

moose count = 18 caribou = 6 = whales = 2  bears = 2

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