Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bonne Fête James!!! (Tuesday, June 27th)


Nanny is the first one to facetime with a yummy donut for James' bday!
Facetime with Nanny

At 830 when the garage opens.  Justin calls to get picked up.  He doesn't get anywhere with the garage.  They don't have any pressure readings nothing to help us make our decision easier.  Justin decides to take the truck as it is working (sounds rough but he assures me it's ok).  We order the 500$ fuel actuator from NAPA.  It will be here in the morning and Pat located us a main injection pump for half the price and we decide to have it shipped to us.  It will be here Thursday.  We hope to not need it and we can bring it back to the shop but in case we do need to change will be better to have it here ready for Thursday.  Justin stops at the grocery store.  I had packed everything to make the cake for James with Gaby.  I am short eggs and really don't have it in me today to bake a cake.  I am pretty much in the dumps this morning. Pretty bummed about this truck situation and my baby turning the big ONE makes me nostalgic!!! no more babies for us.  I quickly turn my frown upside down because I have to remember that things could be sooo much worst.  Justin picked up the cutest frog cupcake for James along with a few more groceries.  We had called for a rental car and non were available so we will use the truck. I am a little worried but Justin seems ok about it. James is a happy birthday boy!!!  He is rocking out in the truck!

First we stop at a fab shop to fix our bike rack which has been causing a lot of damage to our tailgate (not to mention it bent the rim on my bike).  On our way to the next stop, Gaby spots beautiful flowers.  We take a picture and send them off to Kim.  Turns out they are her favorite - Lupine.

  We then head out to Salmonid Interpretation Centre.   Located on the Exploits River, at the 'Grand Falls', the centre has exhibits on the history, biology, ecology and habitat of the Atlantic Salmon.  We got to see salmon through the underwater windows as they travel upstream to their spawning habitat and also got to take in the view of the Falls.  It was pretty cool but I thought we would be there longer and really thought there was more walking to be done.

It is beautiful out.  The thermometer at the centre says 30 degrees but a nice and confortable 30 so I suggest we take the kids to the splash pad.  We come and grab our stuff and head out to the splash pad nearby! Oh MY!!! Cornwall should take lessons from this very small town of barely 2500.  They have a BEAUTIFUL park.  We didn't think of chairs so Justin goes back to grab some, Gab goes wild and I have fun with James as he adventures slowly towards the water.  He hates bathtime so I don't imagine he will love this. But slowly he starts to play a little.  We spent a good 2 hours there before coming back.

Justin cooks us up a yummy steak dinner in honor of our bay boy turning 1!  Supper is late and James is getting fussy so we hurry out with the cake.  His mood changed quickly and he had a good time eating up that buttercream icing.  He would head plant his head in the cake at times to get some big bites in...pretty cute.  We tried to facetime as many people as we could to share our little excitement.

Now came the poor job of washing James.  Given the choice, I am pretty sure he would have skipped the cake if he would have known how bad the shower/bath combo coming his way was.  In no time after his bath he is sound asleep in my arms.  And just like that my baby boy is 1!!!  Kids in bed, Justin went and had a drink with our neighbor (he found out he was a hunting guide! Oh my the excitement) and I went and worked on the blog a bit.

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