Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Westport HIGHs and LOWs (Saturday, Sunday, June 24-25th)

We have to decide what to do.  Justin gets the truck going once again and heads into Baie Verte to research online what the problem with the truck could be.  He thinks that the pump wasn't primed properly.  All seems to be working fine now so we head into town to grab some groceries and call Sherry to tell her that we will prepare them supper tonight.  She is heading into town so we will head over and park the trailer beside the house.  Once again Rob is finished fishing early, he pulls in about 30 mins after we have arrived.  We get the trailer setup and all the food ready and head over to get cooking on the BBQ.  Maple Carrots, potatoes and some venison!  They all seemed to enjoy it!  Out of all nights, James is really hard to put down but he finally goes down and with the kids in bed in the trailer, we can spend our first adult night! We spent a nice evening learning more about each other! Justin loves everything about Rob.  He lives off the land.  Fisherman, hunter, trapper, lumberjack, can fix anything kind of guy!  A little facetime with Will and Liane during 'lunch'.  One of the things we learnt is that the Newfies have breakfast, dinner, supper and  lunch.  They actually set the table at 10ish to have what they call lunch.  This conversation came about when we were asking about Jiggs dinner.  There are many restaurants who advertise to come in for their Jiggs dinner and we told them we wanted to try it out one night for supper.  That's when we learnt that if we went in for supper we would have been too late - dinner in Newfoundland is lunch!  Tonight they made crab and surprise dip!  Great snacks to accompany our beer, wine and coolers!!! We also learned a little bit more about the fishing industry and how it works.  Rob for example has a fishing permit for crab.  He has a licence for 9000lbs.  On retirement, he can sell that permit to someone and it is a form of a retirement plan I guess.  A licence came up last year for example and sold for two hundred thousand plus. We don't know the details but that's an example.  We spent a super evening and are super happy that we bumped back our departure to spend more time here.

Justin is outside with Bones and Rob tells him that they will have Jiggs dinner for us at 1130.  Wow! How kind!  Almost everyone in Newfoundland has Jiggs dinner on Sundays.  It's a one pot meal consisting of salt beef, potatoes, turnip, cabbage, peas pudding and bread pudding.  They have special bags for the peas and bread pudding that is added to the pot and everything cooks together.  Justin LOVED it.  I had a bit of a harder time because they also served Turr.  Turr is a type of duck they eat here in Newfoundland.  The gravy was made with the drippings of the turr.  It was pretty fishy tasting for me.  Very happy to have tried out this traditional meal.  After lunch, or should I say 'dinner', we pack up the trailer.  We don't want to over extend our stay.  Here we go AGAIN.  Truck won't start.  Foolish of us, we also pulled in the driveway because we wanted the doors to the trailer facing their house.  We soon decide that this is enough and we need to call Good Sams Roadside to get towed to Grand-Falls Windsor.  It's 2 hours away but it's the closest town with a dealership.  Not many people on the island fix diesel trucks.  Justin is on the phone for almost an hour trying to explain that a tow to Baie Verte will accomplish nothing.  That is after trying to explain that the tow truck does not have to come by boat to get us (for some reason, even in this day and age with google and everything, the B%!!! dispatcher thinks that we have to be towed to PEI???!!!).  Long story short, we finally get approval for a tow truck - it will arrive at 1813 - that is exactly what the lovely (insert sarcasm) dispatcher tells us.  By this time, Sherry has called everyone in town she knows that could help out.  After a couple of hours, the truck now starts.  The tow truck arrives.  Oh boy! We know right away that he can't take us.  It's a 3 seater.  Second of all, he doesn't have the right ball to tow the trailer.  Justin takes control and tells the guy that we will drive our truck and trailer and that he will follow us in case something happens.  We are 2 hours away from our destination and no reception for 90% of the way.  Well, what do you know - the truck runs smoothly the entire way.  We call a campsite in Grand-Falls Windsor and setup for the night.  Justin gets the info off of the tow truck driver 'in case' we need him in the morning.  Fingers crossed!  The dealership is less than 4kms away so this is a perfect spot for us.  Once we are settled in, I tell Justin to go and relax and check out the Legion in town.  The Legion here has a War museum and it is opened from 2pm to 12am daily.  What better de-stresser for Justin. Not so much.  He gets there at 1040 and on Sundays they close at 11!  The nice gentlemen still serves him a drink and lets him look around.  Then, of course to top off the day, the truck once again won't start.  Justin does his magic and gets it going to come back to the campsite.  Here we go again......

At least we have beautiful memories of Westport!

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