Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Marine Station and James is WALKING!!! (Saturday, June 10th)

Gloomy day this morning.  Rain is coming down so it's a great day to hit up Bonne Bay Marine Station.  We've heard from a few people that it's really cool and they talked to us about this touch tank that sounds fun.  Small admission fee of 20ish dollars for all of us and we are 10 minutes out from an included tour.  Leah our tour guide was super interesting.  She made Gab her assistant.  Gab got to hold a star fish, a mini crab and many other sea species.  She was loving holding everything, she even put her hand out to help hold the huge crab.

Playing in the 'touch tank'

Justin holding a small crab

It was still raining when we came out so we went back to the campsite for some lunch and relaxation. Mel is pretty sick with a head cold and Gab is starting one as well.  After lunch, Mel sneaks in a long afternoon nap while Justin entertains the kids.  Rain and trailer living is not so fun.  Even though we have what I consider a huge trailer, it is very tight on some occasions.  The skies clear up and Justin and the kids were able to walk the trail that goes around the pond at the campsite.  Another 2kms under Gab's belt.  James falls asleep on the walk and sleeps from 430ish to 730.  That kind of messed up his bedtime!

After supper, Gaby is excited to play UNO.  She wishes for rain so that we can play more games!  Since James slept so much, he stays up and he is having fun playing on the floor therefore we let him hang out.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he takes a few steps!  We are so excited! We thought he would have been walking a few months ago as he has been able to stand without assistance for so long but he thought it was faster to crawl instead of trying to walk.  Facetime Nanny, Mami & Pépere, and matante Doudounne to show off baby James' accomplishment!  We are sad that Gab missed out on seeing his first step as she 'practices' and does 'exercise' with her little brother almost on a daily basis! :)

Gab's cold is really ramping up and Mel is starting to feel better.

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