Monday, 26 June 2017

Vikings and Iceberg adventure (Tuesday, June 13th)

L'anse aux Meadows is our destination this morning (the most northerly tip of the island).  We arrive right on time to jump on a tour that started at 10.  This is the site where back in 1968 they discovered proof that the Vikings had settled here over 1000 years ago.  Our tour guide is a local.  He lives in L'anse aux Meadows (population 30).   He was part of the 'dig' when the archeologists came in the 60s to discover the proof they had long been looking for.  He is very interesting and a joy to follow along.  Gab is once again not loving this tour but she follows along.  Once we get to the recreated Viking houses, Gab is a little more enthused.  The houses are made of turf and wood.  They are really impressive.  Once done with the tour we do Gaby's favorite - hike!  Justin has his work cut out for him as we took the stroller along as opposed to the back pack.  It was a good call because James slept through the entire tour but now it would be a workout for the hike.  There are still parts of the trail that are snowed over.  We finally find some Parks Canada red chairs to take our picture on (special chairs that have been put throughout National Parks for the 150th celebration)! The scenery and the icebergs are amazing.  We head back to the campsite for a quick bite to eat and then off again to explore the North!

We are not sure where we are going but we follow the map and decide to head out to Cape Onion and Ship Cove (combined population 102).  We drive to the end and find a cemetery  (70% of the tombstones are Deckers) on top of a cliff right next to the ocean! The wind is blowing and there is a bit of rain but we are so in awe by the scenery that we don't care.  We are so blessed to see this beautiful view and on top of that we are mostly always by ourselves.  We now have decided that the best views in town are always where the cemeteries are.  On our way back we drive through the village of Raleigh.  We up our Moose count for today by 4!  It would be higher but Gaby's rule is that all 3 of us have to see it for it to count!

Braving the weather for the crazy views!

Moose Count = 10

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  1. Wish we were there - aside from the obvious cold it looks great! Are any of these from the caméra d'aventure?!