Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Worth the wait (Thursday, June 15th)

Our boat tour was planned for 11am.  We got all ready to go, got in the truck and crossed our fingers while we waited for Justin to go and call and see if we were on.  He comes out of the RV office with a big 2 thumbs up! The tour guide lady told him, sun is shinning, no ice in the bay, tour is a GO! Youpi!  The boat tour was without a doubt worth the wait.  We started out by looking for whales.  The 9am group had seen them so they thought it was better to look for the whales now in case they decided to leave the bay.  It didn't take long to spot 2 whales.  They were far enough but it was more than enough to get Gab excited.  Honestly, I was way more excited about the upcoming icebergs!  They went under and our guide said they usually go under for about 5 minutes and then resurface (although they can stay underwater for up to 40 minutes).  They came back up in about five minutes and we got to watch them play around and they dove back down.  It was beautiful to see their tale flap out of the water.  James was not very happy during this time so me and Justin were switching back and forth holding him.  On our way out to the BIG iceberg, it started getting rocky in the boat.  Gab was loving it, it rocked James to sleep but I wasn't a big fan.  I was ok and not sick (like some people on our boat) but my stomach was making it known that it wasn't happy.  SO WORTH IT!! We got very close to a very big iceberg.  The color and its stature sitting in the water is indescribable and the pictures don't come close to do it justice.  700 feet long and 90feet high!  This iceberg began its journey in Greenland and probably took 1.5 to 2 years to get here.  It will most likely be melted in approximately 6 weeks.  On our way back the bay had a lot more ice in it and they were manoeuvering around the ice to get us back to the dock.  We are happy that we stayed one more day in Northern Newfoundland to experience the boat tour.

Our little youtube video of the day!

We headed back to the campsite and stopped in at the office to pick up another pie and some partridgeberry jam.  As we were hooking up, I noticed that the trailer beside us had a sticker on it that said http://bobsnewfoundland.com/.  I absolutely wanted to meet them as I have browsed their website several times for ideas on what do her in Newfoundland.  He had a short and sweet write up on many of the spots you should hit up.  They are addicted to Newfoundland.  They are from London, Ontario and come up twice every summer.  They leave their trailer on the island.  Pretty cool.  We pulled out of the camp site and weren't sure if we were going to get St-Barbe to catch the ferry via the coastline (same way we came up) or take it inland with about a 20 minute detour.  We opted for inland since we figure we might as well see as much as we can.  It was a great decision.  Not only did we spot caribou on this road but we found a PERFECT spot for our trailer.  We were able to pull in beside this beautiful river.  Gaby was loving camping in the middle of nowhere.  Walk by the river, marshmallows and some cuddle time by the fire - perfection.

Moose Count =  18 Whale Count =  2 Caribou count =  3

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