Monday, 26 June 2017

Waiting for the boat that never came.... (Wednesday, June 14th)

James has a small fever this morning.  We think he must be teething but not sure.  Justin goes to the office to book our ferry to Labrador.  We have to use a landline as there is no service.  She needs help with her Trip Advisor page so Justin sends me her way.  I'm no expert but I try to help as much as I can.  We leave to go and take the whale and iceberg boat tour.  1 moose sighting on the way.  The bay has filled up with ice and the tour operator takes a vote amongst all the ones waiting to go out and we decide that we will wait till 3 and see if the winds have cleared the bay.  So now we have a couple of hours to tour around St Anthony.  We drive to the lighthouse we were at 2 days ago to see how much ice is in the bay and it is indeed ice jammed.  We stop at Tim Horton's for a quick lunch.  We rarely eat out on this trip so it's a small treat.  Justin hits up the NAPA shop to pick up some fuses.  Our fuse on our trailer tongue keeps blowing so we want to make sure we don't run out.  We drive to Goose Point.  There are a few hikes we could do but James is resting comfortably in his car seat so we opt to drive around to give him the chance to rest up.  We spot another Moose on the way.

We then drive to Saint Carols and Great Brehat.  The views everywhere on the coast are amazing (I sound like a broken record!).  Almost time to head back to the boat so we fuel up and cross our fingers that the winds took care of business.  Thumbs down - we can't go.  Still too much ice in the bay.  The tour operator is VERY confident that the winds will clear the bay for tomorrow and he gives us the opportunity to reserve on the 11 o'clock tour.  We are scheduled to take the ferry so we decide to call up and move our ferry booking to Friday.  Hit up the Foodland and the liquor store - they even have Strongbow in Newfoundland.  On our way back, James is sleeping again and we have been crossing this side road that says 'great iceberg viewing'.  We've pretty much driven the entire Northern coast so why not go down this road even though I think it's a tourist trap.  Turns out there are beautiful views and Justin and Gab get their hero shot on top of small icebergs!  We also stop at a local spot that sells fish.  They want 10.50$/lb for lobster.  We feel that seems high and we also need to buy a big enough pot to cook some so we decide against it.  We head back to the campsite and pick up some fresh partridge berry pie the owner made today and chit chat with other campers from Maine.  Not too bad for a day that didn't turn out as planned.
Moose count = 12

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