Thursday, 8 June 2017

Off we go!! (Sunday, June 5th)

The day has finally arrived!  Ever since we returned from our cross Canada trip with Gaby in 2012 we knew that we wanted to go East once our family grew once again.  It's a bit later than planned but we are so thankful to have been blessed with baby James and to be able to take another trip of a lifetime!  This time Gab is well aware that we are heading out on an adventure and she is so excited that it makes it that much more fun for us.  We have been talking about this with her since before Christmas and she has been counting down the days for some time now.  She is so excited for the trip that she was ok with missing the last month of school and that means a lot for miss Gaby who loves school!  Not to fear... She is taking 'her students' with her. (inside joke)

In order for Justin to get this much time off, we decided that he would also take parental leave.  The logistics around that was more complicated than planning the trip itself but we'll get into that later.  All that matters now is that we are on our way.  All of us including Bones!

We would have left sooner but our little dancer had her recital today and we couldn't, I should clarify and say I, Mel, couldn't break her heart and miss her recital.  So today, our little dancer danced her heart out to, as she would say it...Justin Timbrerlake, Worth it and Red light Green light in front of her fan club!  We are spoiled to have so many people love and care for our little ones. Ma tante Doudounne est arrivée pour nous aider avec les cheveux et le maquillage de cocotte.  C'est une tradition depuis que matante a donné à gaby son premier costume de dace et l'idée de danser.  Mami, Pépere, Russel, Grand-mami, Nanny Wheeler, Mon oncle "Nornon", auntie, Will et Liane sont tous venus voir la rockstar faire son spectacle. 

Un petit souper au Kelsey's avec la famille avant notre départ et évidemment les dernières choses de dernière minutes empilées dans la roulotte et nous sommes sur la route un peu plus tard que prévus.  Nous avons environ 16 heures de route pour se rendre à North Sydney.  Nous devons être rendu lundi soir pour 2145 pour le départ du traversier a 2345.  Notre but est de se rendre à Edmundston ce soir.  Il est présentement 1040 et nous sommes à la hauteur de Trois Rivières sur la 20.  Google nous indique qu'il nous reste 4 heures de route mais nous sommes déterminé d'atteindre Edmundston ce soir pour ne pas être trop stresser demain.  Justin a ses deux red bulls et je suis encore réveillé à ses cote!  Je vous donnerai des nouvelles de comment loin on s'est rendu!

THE ROCK!!!  Here we come!

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