Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Max relax day and visit to Lobster Cove Head (Friday, June 9th)

We have been going non stop since the start of our trip so we take it easy this morning. We head out after lunch to Lobster Cove Head.  It's a lighthouse with a small museum inside.  It is 23C when leave the campsite and Lobster Cove is maybe a 10min drive.  By the time we get there, the temperature has dropped to 16C and the wind is BLOWING!  We wore our shorts but we were smart enough (or maybe lucky enough) to have our warm jackets and tuques.  There is a super nice Parks Canada employee who has fun things for Gaby to do.  We ask about the kite's that they lend out so we can give it a try.  She tells us that her and a fellow employee will come help us because it's sometimes hard to get the kite to fly.  We think it's pretty funny seeing as the wind is blowing 100 mph! (and a small secret...Justin loves to fly a kite) She lets the kite go and it shoots right up in the sky and in no time she loses the handle and is running after the kite...it was hilarious!  I was just about to press record on the gopro... too bad because writing this out really doesn't do it justice.  It's too bad because we didn't get to fly a kite which would have been awesome by the ocean in those winds but maybe we'll find a way to do it at some other point. We did all the little trails around the lighthouse.  Gaby insists that we go on EVERY trail.  It was a nice way to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Interactive museum

Training for the 15km race in Sept with James on my back! :)

 Came back via Rocky Harbor.  We stopped at the pharmacy and Home Hardware to pick up a few things then drove through Norris Point.  Supper, laundry, game of skipbo with gab, blog and off to bed!

Footage fort this day has also been lost but running a recovery software right now with fingers crossed!

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  1. Gaby will never want to walk with us again now that she has done all these areas and trails - the bike path will be a snooze fest :(