Monday, 12 June 2017

Change of plans (Wednesday, 7 June)

Today the plan is to head out to Stephenville and find a campsite in that area.  It's about a 1.5hrs drive.  We get on the road by 10ish and head North.

Grand Codroy RV campground
View across our site

Gab prête a partir avec sa caméra d'aventure
We will drive the French Ancestors Route after we park the trailer.  As soon as we pass the campsite, I had my eye on, I decided that maybe there isn't enough for us to see here for it to be worth spending the night. Problem is, we needed to fuel up before doing the 125km loop.  Justin is an expert at wheeling our trailer around and we head back to fuel up and decide to stop in Port au Port at the narrows connecting the peninsula to the main land. It's about 1315 and we have a nice lunch.  The drive around the peninsula must have taken us an honest 1.5hrs.  It had beautiful views especially on the western side where the Dodge was put to the test driving up the big hill.  We were above the clouds looking down at the ocean.  Just breathtaking.  I was hoping to find the 'bread ovens' they talk about in the visitors guide but we didn't spot anything.

Lunch stop

Throwing rocks while waiting for lunch to be ready

Bones just hanging out after lunch

Lunch break is almost over - ready to drive around the peninsula

Back on HWY1 to get to Grose Morne.  We are all anxious to get there.  This is another long day of driving but I know that we will now stay put for a few days.  We debate on which campsite and agree on KOA as they are known to be kid friendly.  I had the wrong address in the GPS so we passed it and had to backtrack which was probably an extra 15 minutes and another occasion for Justin to turn the trailer around but we are all just happy to finally have reached our destination.  We book for 2 nights indicating that we will probably extend to make sure we don't have to move the trailer and we settle in for the night.  Quick pasta and off to bed we go! Mel finally figures out her GoPro and how to make awesome videos but the wifi isn't strong enough for the upload! :(

I dropped a quick email to my RMC roommate, Heather, who is from Stephenville.  I should have written to her before because she gets back to me that same day but just after we have left.  Her mom still lives there and if I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure we drove right passed her house.  Still cool to have seen where she is from!


  1. Glad to see the Minion hat made it out to Newfoundland!!

    1. It's the only hat he doesn't rip off his head!! And plus he's makes such a cute minion!

  2. Wow, looks beautiful! So glad to hear you guys are having an awesome time. Next road trip back West August 2018?

  3. OMG Dino!!! We'd love to be there! Really ally hope we can make it happen!!!