Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 9 - The Hat

Slept in till about 0900!! Gotta love the effect of the fresh air on our BB girl.  We had a nice breakfast and decided to stay an extra night. We had some nice long showers and were somewhat disturbed as there was water on the floor after our showers.  At this point, we are really worried that we have a big leak.  We try not to think about it and head into town for some sightseeing.  Justin sees a car wash bay and of course, needs to make his truck pretty!

Gas City Campground

After that, we decide that we will go see the world's biggest chest set!  It takes us a while to find the place but once we get there we sit and chill at the nice little tables.

The Champ!!!
Justin wants me to play on the big set and I warn him of the public humiliation that will most likely occur.  Brave soul he insists that I play!  So, of course, he gets his ass handed to him! (There is no nice way of putting it!) Sorry - not PG13.

I am not feeling very 'toursit-ee' and just want to go back to the campsite.  It takes us forever to get back. This includes a stop at the liquor store for a 43$ case of beer! SAY WHAT?! I never would have paid that!!! You all know how cheap I am!..but Justin was thirsty!

BB girl went to bed and I relaxed.  Justin headed into town again to go to the Dodge dealer to ask about our passenger side wiper that has not been working since day 1 of the trip!  They tell him he can fix it himself in no time, so he fills up the truck and propane and returns to fix the truck.  While Justin is fixing the truck, I take bb girl for a bike ride!  I went around the campsite and headed towards the trail but didn't go very far as the hills were ridiculously steep! On my return, I told Justin that he should go on his bike because it looked gorgeous.  Justin says it is one of the prettiest things he has ever seen.  The trail followed the valley, he saw some deer, and beautiful views of the river.  All in all, Justin pedaled 12kms each way.  Once bb girl went to bed, we sat outside with Bob & Cindy and enjoyed a beautiful sunset followed by the most awesome lightning show!

Bob had a great story for us.  Back in the day, he had given a toy badge to a young fellow.  What do you know, years later, that same young lad went through the police academy and handed Bob that same badge!! Such a sweet story!

Good night Medicine Hat!

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