Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 14 - Johnny C

Today's mission is to go hike up to Johnston's Canyon.  It's about a half hour drive from Banff to get there.  By the time we found some parking and got Baby Girl all ready in the backpack it was about 1000.

Papa et Cocotte

Beautiful views the whole way along the canyon

Baby Girl loves hiking!

The lower falls are a 1.1km hike and the upper falls are at 2.6kms.  The trail was quite busy given we are in the Rockies and on Canada Day long weekend but it was very enjoyable.  Along the way we saw some folks with their camera on the ready staring down the canyon.  Turns out three crazy guys on their kayaks were coming down.  That was quite a site to see.  Just happy it didn't give Justin any ideas - adrenaline junky!
We made it to the top and the view was worth it.  Unfortunately, the look out is very small and you don't get to admire the falls for very long as others are waiting to get a glimpse but regardless, the hike is what is enjoyable.

The upper Falls

We then started making on our way back.  At the lower falls there is a rock you can go through and stand very close to the falls.  We went through and baby girl enjoyed it.  The mist is cool and it felt nice after our hike.

 Here is a video of Baby Girl next to the falls!

Before leaving, we kitted ourselves out with some new shoes! Without even knowing at first, we ended up getting a matching pair of Keens.  They are completely different colours so it's not too corny! We both absolutely love our new shoes! 

We drove back to Banff and went back downtown to do a little bit of shopping.  We both really like Banff.  Lake Placid, close to home, always seems to us like it could be so much more.  Banff is exactly what you would expect of an alpine village.  There are some upscale shops yet there are still some affordable ones and everything is well up kept.    

After supper, Justin took the bike and the camera and went out to find the hoodoos that we weren't able to find on our bike ride yesterday.  He got some great pics.


Fairmont Banff Springs in the distance
Our setup at Tunnel Mountain Campground
A deer we saw on deer street.

Tomorrow we have a really big day! Lots to see and lots of driving!

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