Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day 12 - We are in!

The plan was to leave early today but we didn't get going very fast.  Non the less we arrived in Banff for 1100.  We had a really chatty neighbour behind us slowing down Justin for the pack up.  Hey! The man was more chatty than Justin, is that even possible?!!  :)

We paid our park entry fee on our way to Banff and crossed our fingers that there would be a camping spot for us.  Tunnel mountain is the only campsite in Banff that has services and is the most popular one with trailers/RVs.  We pulled up to the gate and asked with the sweetest voice if they had any room for us! Well, it was our lucky day because not only did we get a site but we got a private site.  They have double sites there which aren't that bad but having our own spot was great. The Aussie serving us had a good laugh with us when he saw how excited we were to get a lot!
Oh! Yeah! We are in!
We unpacked and decided to go to town.  Once in town, we walked the main drag and then took a hike up to the Bow Falls.  The falls are not outstanding but it felt nice to go for a nice walk.  Bones was loving the walk and drinking the fresh water of the Bow river.

View from the bridge off Banf Ave

Bow Falls

Bow Falls

Bow River

High waters - path flooded

Banff Ave Bridge

On our way back, I stopped in a little shop to browse.  That's when Justin noticed that Bones was bleeding everywhere.  Poor Bonsey Bones cut his paw.  10 minutes prior he had wondered off in the bush and I saw the broken glass but he never flinched or complained so we didn't think he was hurt.  We couldn't get a good picture of the cut but it was deep enough.

Banff Avenue
Sweet Bones is injured

We came back and put baby girl down for a nap.  We each picked up our books and began to read but we both fell asleep and the whole family had a nice nap.  It feels good today to know that we are in one spot for three days!  Longest stop to date!

Some pics for matante doudounne to brighten up her day!

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  1. Oh poor Bonesey! Is he all better now? BB girl is so gorgeous. thanks for the pics but what I need is to buy a bingo ticket and not be 2 numbers away from 50000$!!! Imagine that would have turned my luck around. Sorry about the crazy email...funny what the lost of a phone does to me LOL.