Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 17 - Lac La Biche and Family

We woke up early this morning to take the long drive up to Lac La Biche.  For reasons that I won't get into here, my other cousin Phil, was not able to come down to Stony Plane so we drove the three hour drive to his trailer.  After driving all this way, we weren't going to let another three hour drive stop us from seeing them.  The girls were in our truck with non other than 'moi' as their chauffeur, and the boys followed in dad's truck.  Matante Sindy and mom were all over my case because I was using my iphone to navigate so they confiscated it from me!  Great idea because then we missed a turn and our drive turned out to be a little longer!  We made it to their place at around noon.  Before getting to their place there is about a 10km dirt road, actually it is a clay road.  It was very slippery and I made the truck skid out! :)  Boy did I give them a scare!  Hey! We have a big truck, a little skiddin' won't hurt anyone! Matante laughed at me after because I wouldn't put the truck in 4wheel drive because it's too expensive on gas!  I am a Paquette after all and just like my dad and mon oncle.

We had a really nice visit with Phil, Tanya and little Grace.  They have a little baby girl just a few months younger than our BB Girl.  Phil always has a bunch of boy toys.  MonOncle Bernie took me, Tanya and Matante Syndi on a raptor ride.  He showed us Phil and Tanya's new property and matante made me and Tanya stop to take a picture for the 'blog'.  Everything that happens, matante says it's good for the blog!   Oh yeah! MonOncle Bernie met us here so to return we all went in our respective trucks! The ladies wanted nothing to do with my driving again!!!
Mel & Phil with their little girls
Paquette Men!
Dad with little Grace
Tanya and their Toy Hauler!
Mel and Tanya

Tanya pretending to push me in (matante wanted a more fun pic for the blog!)

Quick side story here! When we were here for Phil and Tanya's wedding 10 years ago, he took us quading  Mom was on the back of the quad I was driving.  Phil got his stuck in the river so he 'jimmy rigged' a rope to our quad and told me to 'give-er' to get his quad out! Turns out when the rope tightened, it was too much and the quad rolled over backwards and mom was pinned under the quad in water!  Let's just say mom is never getting on a quad again!
We left at around 1600 and I don't know where our heads were at but 10 minutes into the drive we remembered that we left the play pen at their camper!!! We headed back, picked it up and again after being 10 minutes away, we get a text from Tanya saying we also forgot Bonsey's food! Oh well, not going back! We'll pick some up if we run out!  We headed straight for mon oncle and ma tante's house in Stony Plane.  Can you believe that with about a good 45minute detour we beat them there and we were in their driveway for a good half hour before they caught up to us! Oh Old Age!!!

We shared some good eats! Yummy pizza!  I decided to get Nancy on skype so we could all chat with her.  Justin took BB girl downstairs to put her down when we heard a crazy noise.  Justin fell down the stairs!! Everyone rushed, worried about Baby Girl (and Justin).  He protected her but at the cost of his arm!! Nothing broken but it sure looked like it hurt.  He was all scratched up even though he was wearing a thick sweatshirt. Justin wanted a note to mention to his mom that no drinking was involved in this accident - simply pure Justin clumsiness!  Crisis averted, we chatted until pretty late and then my parents and us headed back to the campsite.

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