Monday, 30 July 2012

Day 19 - The last of our bad luck?

Yesterday, the dealership had told us that the truck could be ready for lunchtime.  Turns out it won't be ready until 1600.  The campsite, Glowing Ambers, is generous enough to let us leave the trailer on our site at no extra cost.  It would have been really complicated to move the trailer and would have delayed my parents and aunt and uncle.  They are heading to Calgary and want to wait for us but we told them to go ahead and we will get in touch with them when we get on the road.  My mom was smart and booked a campsite for the stampede ages ago (and this is my mom we are talking about so I am not even exaggerating).  Smart on her part, because we can't get a site anywhere.  We have to hope that we will find a spot in the overflow.  So the rest of our gang head out.
BB Girl playing in Pépère's truck before they leave

Their plan is to stop at the Costco in Red Dear.  Our truck is ready to go at around 1530ish.  We don't get out of there until at least 1600.  Justin tried to negotiate some sort of discount on our gigantic bill but nothing!  That's what happens when you are not home.  We head on over to the campsite, hook up the trailer and get on our way.  We have about a 3.5 hour drive to get to Calgary.  We see my parent's and my uncle's rig from the road parked in Costco in Red Dear, so we have caught up with them.  We decide to keep going to try and get to the campsite early and pray that the overflow still had room.  BB Girl is not happy with that plan and with reason - it's time for us to stop and have some supper.  We pull over at a rest area and start supper.  Not soon after, someone knocks at our door.  A nice man asks us if we knew that we had a flat tire! He has got to be kidding!!!! Another flat tire!!!

Yet again!!
This is turning out to be a really bad day!  On the phone with Good Sam's road assistance again.  The girl has a really hard time locating us.  She ends up doing three way call with the tow company and the guy tells us he is over an hour and a half away!  Meanwhile, I am on the phone with my parents to let them know of the situation and that we are just a few exits passed the costco.  Turns out they are just leaving so they will meet us. Have to give some iphone love here again: my mom can't really understand where we are.  I fix that easily by bringing up the maps app and take a screen capture of where we are and message it to mom! Voila!!! Oh!! How I love thee! :)

When they get there, Justin is still on the phone trying to arrange a tow truck.  He decides to tell the lady that he will call back if he needs help.  Uncle Bernie pulls out his air hose (what does he not have in that Coach!), and that's when Justin realises that it's not just a hole, the tire is ripped apart in the back.   Dad, uncle Bernie and Justin try to figure out a way to change the tire.  They decide to jack up the trailer by pulling ahead and raising it with our orange blocks that we usually use to level the trailer. Mon oncle has a tire iron in his coach(mansion) so we are set.
Trying to put some air in!
Everyone looking on
Not good!
Of course we hear about how it's a good thing that we finally got our spare fixed.  Mon oncle was not impressed that we went through the Rockies without one.  We are on our way again and mom calls me soon after and for the first time today we have some good news.  She was able to get a hold of the campsite they are booked at and they are going to save us a spot in their overflow! Yahoo! That's one less stress. We pull in.  It's late, it's been a long day, it's been a stressful day and we just want to call it a night.  The playpen had stayed in mom's trailer so me and BB girl just ended up sleeping in mom and dad's trailer and Jusitn and bones settled in our trailer!


  1. Looks like I'm not the only one having some bad luck we should really need be reunited it seems the world can't handle having the paquette sisters together. The countdown has begun only 7 days!!! Oh and my replacement iphone seems to have gone capoot overnight AHAH!

  2. I meant can't handle having us apart.