Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 18 - Guns & Steak

First thing on the agenda today was for Justin to call around to see if a dealership could have a look at our truck.  It's been doing a funny sound when we turn and it's been worst since our off roading adventure yesterday! We figure we better get it looked at before crossing the Rockies again.  So we drop off the truck and cross our fingers.

Mon oncle Bernie comes to the campsite to take his Coach out of storage (whatever you do - do not call ma tante's motor home a bus!! just a friendly warning!)  He takes us for the grand tour! Wow!! What a a beauty! BB girl really enjoyed it as well.

Justin, dad and mon oncle Bernie head on over to mon oncle's house to get the RV ready.  Then we get the bad phone call.  Turns out the truck needs a lot of work done, I should rephrase, expensive work done.  Justin wants to go to the garage so I go pick him up at uncle Bernie's and we head to the garage.  We give them the go ahead to fix the front end for a whopping 3000$!!!!!!  The hourly rate for these cowboys in Alberta is 130$! I try to console ourselves with the fact that there is no provincial tax. We all meet back up at the campsites and the boys head on over to West Edmonton Mall.  Yes, I did say the boys are going to the mall.  Of course not to shop, they are going to the shooting range!  

Mon oncle Bernie
Justin's weapon of choice
Justin in his element
Can you guess who not to mess with?
(BLang - this target is for you)
Us girls, we head on over to the grocery store to get things for supper and head on over to uncle Bernie's to get it ready.  Daniel and his little 'fam' are joining us for supper tonight.  Daniel cooked up some good steaks.  We came close to making the whole neighbourhood blow up (note to self for next time - ma tante can not be in charge of lighting the bbq!).  Here are some pictures of the family!
Daniel, Amanda & the girls

Paquette Men
Dad picking on his little brother

How hard can it be to take a picture of these two!!!

AH! Finally!
PS: Thanks ma tante for emptying mon oncle's garage and handing over a bunch of his princess auto treasures and his groupon surplus!  Love you mon oncle! :)


  1. funny the pic of justin with the gun he has a man with the same gun on his hat :D Looks like a fun time. What kind of treasures did you get. Last time I got treasures from ma tante I busted the back window of my jeep I'm sure everyone remembers LOL.

    1. Oh! We all remember the Jeep incident!!! We actually talked about it! :)