Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Here we go!!!

Coming to you from somewhere between Espanola and the Sault! Yesterday was the first day of our .75 trip across Canada!! So exciting! We finally pulled away from the house at eleven....two days later than planned but we are happy to be on our way!

We had a good day of driving. We made it further than expected. We wanted to make it to Sudbury and we made it just a little further about 16kms west of Espanola! Thank you Anthony's truck stop for the great parking spot :)

We made a lunch stop in Arnprior and then in Petewawa to see some old friends that we hadn't seen in a long time.
The Brown Family! Good old Friends!

We then continued on to North Bay and had a spaghetti supper in the walmart parking lot and played with baby girl before moving on to Sudbury. Oh Sudbury and your BIG Nickel! Justin didn't believe me when I told him it wasn't all that big. We had a good laugh when we pulled up. 

It's just as I remember... Not that big. I usually act as the tour guide on our trip so on our way to the nickel, I read the history behind this Canadian landmark (thank you wikipedia). Turns out this was a firefighters idea and the city refused to back him financially so he raised the funds himself and made his dream a realty! When we saw the nickel, I said, had I been on city counsell, I also would not have appeoved the funds! But in all seriousness, it is a beautiful landmark for this mining city. We pulled in at Anthony's truck stop off HWY 17 at around 2200. A great first day!

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