Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 7 - Underground in Moose Jaw

This morning we decided to take things slow.  Justin and Bones went for a walk around the campground and to the beach.  Justin says, the rednecks all have nice boats to take on the lake.

At 1300, we drove the 40kms into Moose Jaw.  We found Moose Jaw to be a lot bigger than we thought and again another beautiful prairie city.  The town was full of nice old buildings and murals.  The Tunnels tour was on Main street.  We missed it twice but finally found it!

All ready for the tunnels!

We started out on the Chinese tour.  It was interesting to see all the old photographs depicting the story of Moose Jaw and the Chinese building the railroads.  The one gal play explained how badly the chinese ('Coulees') were treated when they came to Canada.  They had to work to pay for their head tax as well as their trip over.  The chinese were not liked at all so they would hide underground and work and live in horrible conditions.  For this particular story, they depict the Chinese working for a laundrymat.  Living underground in tight quarters, working with strong chemicals that caused burns for mere pennies a day. We had a little over a half an hour to kill before the next tour so we went and indulged in some gelato that we had come accross on Main street.  It was a delicious treat.

Break between tours

The Al Capone tour was cool but not nearly as informative as the previous tour.  It was more of a tourist/entertaining tour and we just didn't enjoy it as much.  BB Girl let us know that it was time to head back.  We stopped at Safeway to pick up a few things.  I have to say that I love Safeway.  We don't have them at home.  It's a very nice grocery store and can you believe that they offer to bring your bags to the car every time! The girl was wondering why I had that look of surprise on my face when she asked if I wanted my order taken to the car. I told her ' Wow! Now, that is service!'.  Then, Justin made a quick stop over at Walmart.  Our blind in the dining room had fallen off and we needed a replacement as well as more storage container and a camping chair.  After arriving at the campground.  Justin drove off with Bones to try and have a look at the Buffalos.  He was pretty upset when he got back because he wasn't able to find the trail.  We figured we would try again in the morning.

Buffalo Pound Lake
Mommy and BB girl having some fun!

That's the day in a nutshell.

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