Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day 4 - Transition to the Prairies

Today we took it slow!  BB girl was up early but came to snuggle with us and we ended up getting up at 0900! (which was 1000 for her if you account that we just changed time zones!!!)  Proof that our BB girl was in need of a traveling break!  We made a nice bacon and eggs breakfast and the plan was to take a nice bike ride in Dryden.  For a small town, they had a very impressive visitor's guide.  They had some nice trails and also a map to guide you through town but as luck would have it, it was raining quite hard so we decided to carry on!

We arrived in Kenora at 2.  You can take Hwy 17A and bypass the city but we decided to drive through and have a look!  We are happy that we did! Turns out, Kenora is beautiful.  It sits along the shores of Lake of the Woods.  The waterfront is gorgeous and we saw some beautiful homes.  We were also very surprised to see how busy the city was.  There was traffic and people everywhere.  We missed a turn to continue on Hwy 17 and came across our first snag.  We ended up in a small neighbourhood and we came down a very steep hill.  The problem was that the hill didn't smoothly transition to flat.  It was hill then straight flat (not a smooth transition).  A near perfect 45degree angle.  Good thing Justin was sharp and went slow because we did indeed bottom out.  Our jack stands were touching the ground.  I got out and guided Justin backing up all the way up the hill (he laughed because I was out of breath - no excuse on my part but it was a steep hill!).  We made it out of town safely and were happy to have made the small detour to explore the city.

We crossed the border at 1400  We thought bb girl was sleeping but she woke up to have her picture taken by the sign!

 We pulled in the visitor centre, picked up a pile of brochures and had some lunch.  We arrived in Winnipeg at 1600 and settled in for the night at Travellers RV campground.  Another perfect park for our needs.  It's a 250+ pull through lots campground with all services.

We settled in and took BB girl on her first ride with our new Ibert Bike seat!  WE LOVE IT!!! (thanks lovers for the tip)  BB Girl had a big smile and enjoyed touring the campsite with mom and dad.

Of course, yet again, our ride was cut short as the rain started to come down.  It was almost supper time anyhow so we headed back to our trailer.  We called it a night early!

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