Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 2 - Superior Beauty

We got a lot of driving in today!  We left Anthony's truck stop at around 9 in a little bit of fog.  We met up with Anthea in the "Soo" at 1130.  Anthea is my sister Nancy's bestie!  Anthea was rocking her baby bump and was on holidays in her hometown for the week! Great timing!

Next we headed to the Sault Ste Marie locks! Locks are like a reoccuring theme for our holidays lately! Our last vacation took us to Panama and of course I insisted that we go visit the locks!  Professional development on my holidays and now my mat leave! That is dedication! :)  The locks are small on the Canadian side but are beautiful and there was a small hiking trail.  Bones enjoyed chasing the chipmunks and the ducks.
Lock gates

Bones swimming with the ducks!

Justin decided to inspect our new platform that we installed on the trailer prior to departure.  Earlier today, a man had stopped us to tell us that the spare tire under the platform was hitting the ground.  From what Justin could see, it didn't look damaged at all but we decided to be safe and remove it.  As luck would have it,
Justin couldn't take it off without an impact wrench.  So off to Canadian Tire we went and they were so nice, they did the job of removing it for us on the spot and for free!  Very nice.  By this time, the weather had turned nasty and it was time to leave the 'Soo'.

We didn't make it too far because Baby Girl was getting hungry so we stoped in Pancake Bay and had some supper and playtime with Gab before we hit the road again at 2000.

 We knew crossing Ontario was going to be long but we also expected it to be boring and ugly.  Ontario showed us its superior splendor on this leg of our trip.  Between the 'Soo' and Wawa, Hwy 17 runs along Lake Superior and there are some very beautiful views.  We also had the chance to spot a moose!

We drove till 1030 and stopped just passed Marathon.  It was just getting dark and the fog was setting in.  Our host for the night was the Mayfare hotel parking lot!  Great Day!


  1. So jealous all my favorite girls together in one place. We have to do the Umbra sale again this year well if Anthea is up to it with the little one :)

  2. Loving the stories and pictures, especially the one of Justin mid-jump!