Saturday, 3 March 2012

Our first born

Back in 2006, we lived in Chicoutimi, Québec!  Back in the day, my husband and I were in the military...(oh! how we often miss those days!).  This posting came to us as a bit of a surprise because Justin did not speak much French and if you've ever been in the Saguenay Region, you would know that they barely know what "Yes" & "No" mean.  My husband had been after me to get a puppy for quite some time.  I wasn't sold on the idea but if I was ever to give in, it had to be a dog that did not shed or drool.  I felt like I owed him as the posting was due entirely because of me.

As luck would have it, I came across an add in the local newspaper of a breeder selling Airedale Terriers.  I remember debating whether I should tell my husband because if I did, I knew he would convince me that we HAD to get one.  Well, am I ever happy that I decided to go for it!

We met with the breeder and he suggested we take the one with the yellow collar as he was tame and since we were first time owners, he would be a good match for us!!!   Justin suggested we call him "Bones"!  I was sold right away! Justin's dad used to call him "bones" growing up and it was just perfect.

Bones is our little man and we love him like crazy!  Never thought it possible to love an animal so much.  But look at him.  How could we not???

 AKA; Bonesey Bones, Boney Boney, Bonesey....

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  1. So instead you get a dog with a beard that drips water and snow!! He is a handsome boy though.