Monday, 5 March 2012


Our Baby Girl has so many nicknames but she is most often called 'Cocotte'.  My side of the family is french and  it's just a habit for french people to call cute little girls 'cocotte'!  It's so cute because Justin even calls her that and his side of the family started as well!   I have a few other names for her, Baby Girl, Peanut, Doudounne and Bidounne.

Auntie Nancy with Baby Girl
Doudounne and Bidounne have been restricted! We've been calling my sister Doudounne forever (Bidounne is my short form).  Auntie Doudounne has decided that as much as she loves her niece, she does not wish to share her name with her.  So Cocotte, Baby Girl and Peanut it is!  Oh! and sometimes we actually call her by her  given name :)

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  1. cocotte it is...boy is she going to be confused with all the names we give her. :D you definitely don't need to add doudoune and bidoune to the mix