Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day 21 - Visit with the Williams

We are leaving early this morning because we are hoping to all get a site in Banff tonight.  Check out at Callaway Park is early (1000) but it gets us going.  We stop in Canmore for gas and arrive at Tunnel Mountain campground at 1200.  Déja vue! The signs say that the campsite is full but we pull in and again, we are lucky and all three of us have a spot.

We have been trying to meet up with Lee and his family for about a week now.  We wanted to make it work somehow, but it was difficult with them being in Cold Lake and the fact that they are in the process of house hunting in Calgary.  Lee was Justin's boss at the Air Marshall unit.  Justin has a man crush on him :)  Lee gives us a call and to our surprise they are going to come meet us in Banff for super! Yahoo!! Mom took BB Girl for us and we headed into town to grab some groceries.  By the time we returned, they were just pulling in!  

We enjoyed a nice evening with a beautiful view.  They stayed the night with us but had to leave early to go meet their real estate agent.  It was a good night.   We were so busy catching up and having fun that we didn't even think of taking pictures.  One thing we don't miss about the military - we make some good friends and then either we or they move away - it is fun to know though that we have friends in every corner of the country.

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